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JavaOne, San Francisco, July 1 2004. Quios, the leading international mobile messaging gateway provider, announces ContentWeb™, a robust, hosted solution for mobile content delivery and billing. Quios has today agreed to license the Sun Java™ System Content Delivery Server and the Sun Java™ Enterprise System to add mobile content delivery to its suite of hosted services. By combining the Quios core SMS and MMS delivery infrastructure with the Sun Java™ Content Delivery Server and Sun Java™ Enterprise System, third parties (developers, content providers, media companies, and others) will be able to make their content, such as images, ringtones, and games, available to consumers across carriers and across countries, without any significant investments in carrier connectivity or content management technology.

The Sun Java™ Content Delivery Server will also be integrated with the Quios premium SMS (PSMS) billing system to provide content providers with the ability to bill consumers for the content directly on their cell phone bill.

"We are excited Quios has chosen the Sun Java System Content Delivery Server and Sun Java Enterprise System to offer Java developers an end-to-end mobile content solution for managing and monetizing their content," said Juan Dewar, senior director, Consumer and Mobile Systems Group, Sun Microsystems, Inc. "Content developers will be able to leverage Quios' carrier relationships and hosting experience to enhance distribution, accelerate return on investment and shorten time to market for their content and services."

"Quios' collaboration with Sun will leverage our combined strengths to drive the growth of content driven services worldwide," comments Marc Vanlerberghe, CEO Quios. "Sun's sophisticated content management and delivery software with built-in device capability matching will greatly enhance our added value service offering. We are proud to be working with Sun Microsystems, whose reputation within the Java™ community will greatly help us reach out to new customers and content developers".

The service can be used in various ways:

  • Content developers and branded content creators can offer their content to consumers and generate immediate revenue through Quios' Premium SMS billing connections to all major carriers in the US, UK, and Germany.

  • Consumer brands can enhance their marketing and promotion campaigns with coordinated mobile content. They can include a short code on their existing packaging or in the advertisements, so that when consumers text a message to the short code they receive complementary content (theme ringtone, prize-winning Java™ game, exciting picture message) straight on their mobile phones.

  • Television stations can integrate the content management services into their broadcasts and allow viewers to purchase and download melodies or photos of their favorite bands, while the video clip is playing.

  • Media companies can use the Quios solution to promote releases of movies, CDs, etc. They can add a short code to print or television advertisements and allow customers to download free (or even paid) previews to their phone.

  • Wireless carriers, online retailers, and content aggregators will be able to access the vast inventory of mobile content and create their own customized storefronts, catering to the needs of multiple market segments without significant upfront investments.

The combination of Sun Microsystems and Quios technology will add great value and dramatically reduce time-to-market for service providers looking to tap into this exploding global market.


About Quios

eWingz Systems, Inc. which is doing business under the name 'Quios' (pronounced Kee-Os) is a leading Global Mobile Messaging company providing high quality, cross-carrier SMS and MMS services to businesses worldwide. The company's network extends to over 450 wireless carriers spanning the globe and is processing over 1 million messages every day. Quios' carrier grade infrastructure handles both delivery and premium billing of text messages, providing a one stop shop solution for content developers, media companies, and consumer brands. The company has operations in San Francisco, CA, and London, UK. Quios is backed by leading international venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson. For further information, please logon to the Quios website at www.quios.com.

For further information, please contact:

Marc Vanlerberghe

T: +1 650 766 7533
E: marc@quios.net

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