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Quios - Saraxa deal heralds exciting SMS participation tool for as-it-happens TV-audience interaction.

Quios, the leading international SMS gateway provider, has teamed up with Saraxa, the market leading international television programme distribution and interactive TV company to provide global TV channels with a full end2end SMS package. The solution gives broadcasters the option to organize real-time interactivity through SMS, with audience comments, votes and chat appearing on screen in real-time during the course of a programme.

In addition to the benefits this brings to producers in improving audience interest and thereby retaining and improving viewing figures, it also allows broadcasters to add SMS interactivity to their advertising offerings, providing advertisers with the ability to run interactive TV campaigns.

The service is fully internationally enabled so that international broadcasters can now, for the first time, offer interactivity across national borders, while still benefiting from revenue generating premium SMS traffic.

"This is a hugely important development for all TV channels," commented Marc Vanlerberghe, CEO of Quios. "The key strength here is that Quios has superb standards of international delivery and throughput of SMS messages, which when in partnership with the incredible quality of software from Saraxa, offer a brilliant tool for TV producers and advertisers.

"Audience participation in TV shows has been recognised as one of the best ways of attaining and retaining excellent viewer figures. Giving audiences, wherever they are, the ability to take part in programmes, in real-time, with tangible, as-it-happens results give programmes a whole new edge for the viewer. Our partnership with Saraxa now provides producers with the best possible medium for optimising their audiences' experience," he added.

Commenting on behalf of Saraxa, Hannu Kossila commented, "This platform is cutting-edge in its ability to offer brilliant quality graphics and applications for voting, chatting, quizzes, games, polling etc. Thanks to the integration with the Quios platform, broadcasters will now be able to publish one single number on the TV screen, and have viewers participate in the program regardless of the carrier they're connected to, or the country they're located in."

Further details of the service can be found on the Quios website www.quios.com and is available now.


About Quios

eWingz Systems Inc., doing business as Quios (pronounced 'Kee-Os'), is a leading global mobile messaging company providing high quality, cross-carrier SMS services to businesses worldwide. Its platform is capable of handling Outbound, Inbound and 2way SMS, EMS, and soon, MMS. Quios also offers a range of applications and enables its customers to charge for premium messaging via its micro-billing systems (Reverse Billing). With a global network extending to over 450 wireless carriers in Europe, Asia Pacific and the US, Quios continues to grow both its customer base and its product range. Quios is headquartered in San Francisco, and has its European offices in London. Quios is funded by top tier Venture Capital firm Draper Fisher Juvertson. For further information, please visit the Quios website at www.quios.com.

About Saraxa

Saraxa Media was founded in 1991. The company has strong references and a long track record in international television programme distribution and interactive television. Saraxa's products have been licensed in more than 20 countries, including Finland, Greece, Israel, Italy, Germany, France, Norway, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, Thailand, the UK, the US, Argentina, Portugal and Saudi Arabia. Saraxa's main focus is on Mobile Interactive Television (M-ITV). It offers both new exciting revenue models with Premium SMS, MMS and JAVA midlets and new kind of participation TV for viewers.

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