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Q-900 Fact Sheets

  Q-900 Applications

Quios' Q-900 Applications offer you a range of easily implemented mobile applications. All applications are hosted and operated by Quios' specialized 24x7 Network Operations Center ensuring an unparalleled level of reliability, scalability and Quality of Service

ContentWeb - Mobile Content Hosting, Delivery and Billing
Q-900 ContentWeb is a comprehensive cross-portal marketplace for mobile artwork and applications. A one-stop hosting, distribution and billing solution, Q-900 ContentWeb excels at taking mobile content out of development and straight into the hands of paying users.

TxtXPress - Mobile Marketing Campaign Tool
Q-900 TxtXPress is a sophisticated and effective, yet incredibly easy to use, mobile marketing tool. With Q-900 TxtXPress businesses and advertising agencies can design and execute massive interactive campaigns that will reach and affect their customers and prospects. It creates a cost effective way to influence people through the most personal of all terminals - the mobile phone.

SMS TV - Interactive Television through SMS
Viewer interaction and participation have been recognized as the most potent weapons available to TV producers in their quest to capture and retain today's spoiled audience. Quios can connect the TV screen to viewers, allow them to express their opinions and desires in real-time and display compiled results directly on the TV screen for everyone to watch.

There are numerous benefits to using Quios' Application Services.

  • Branding - White label applications allows you to brand it as your own

  • No technical hardware required

  • No software required

  • No shortcodes required

  • Fully managed service

  • Generates revenues for your company

  • Adds value to your existing product offering

  • Quick to implement

  • Low set-up and monthly fees
If you are interested in Quios' Applications, please contact sales@quios.com

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